sound design, mixing and mastering

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2023               Weith, Intimate Entropy, album, physical + digital release on brokntoys, mastering

2023               Estebahn, Enceladus, [Brainwaves], E.P., digital release, mastering

2023               Tout Casser, EP, [Brainwaves], digital release, mastering

2023               Romal Bingo, album, physical+digital release, recording & mixing

2023               Tremblements, field recording, composition & sound design

2022               Pablo Ulises Lienhard, Klangkoerper, digital + cassette release, mastering 

2022               ZOV. 2, Carvalho and Redkina, L.P, digital and cassette, masterin

2022               Something from the Sun, movie; soundtrack mastering

2022               Yosour, single, digital release, mixing,

2022               Selu, E.P., digital release, mixing and mastering

2022               OLC/A, various artists compilation, digital release, mastering

2022               Nelson Beer, album, physical + digital release on PIAS, mixing

2022               Usefull, album, digital release, mastering

2022               Art Meta, web3.0, VR soundscapes, work in Unity and Unreal engines,
                         field recording, composition & sound design

2021               Jiriki Tariki, album, digital+cassette release, recording, mixing & mastering

2021               Jamila Al Yousef, E.P, digial release, stem mastering

2020              Samy Dib, album, digital release, mixing & mastering

2017               Brize, E.P, digital release, recording & mixing

2015 - …        Live sound engineering for venues ranging between 50 and 2000 capacity. 100+ gigs

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⩥ Chroniques Urbaines Soundwalks, trilogy. Collaboration with writers E. Destremau, A. Jacoud and O. Csiky Trnka @Antigel Festival
[CH] 03-16-17-18.02.24

Horizon Vert Soundwalk, with Fabrice Melquiot (text) and CFPNE Lullier @Antigel Festival
[CH] 09-10.02.24

⩥ Exhibition @Byurakan Bakery [AM] 12.10.23

⩥ Research trip residency @Byurakan [AM] sept-oct 23

fiber optics colletive exhibition @Akademie der Küste, Berlin [DE]
⩥ sound installation for Severin Guelpa’s exhibition Tremblement @Les Halles, Porrentruy [CH] 23.04 - 25.06

walking sonic fiction @HyperOuest Festival, Lausanne [CH] 27.04-07.05

soundwalk / performance @ANTIGEL festival, Geneva [CH] 8-9.02

⩥ workshop @ l’Abri with On Land Collective, Geneva [CH] / 14-16.12
⩥ residency and performance, ROTA festival (AADK)
Murcia [SP] /06.12-13.12

⩥ exhibition, Mapping festival
Geneva [CH] /3-13.11

⩥ nomination ARD german radiophonic creation prize
ZKM Karlsruhe [DE] /12.11

⩥ performance @Arkaoda
Berlin [DE] /22.10

⩥ creative radio performance, Cashmere radio
Berlin [DE] / 22.07

⩥ performance, Belluard Bollwerk
Fribourg [CH] /28.06

⩥ residency, Atlas
Brussel [BEL] /26.05-6.06

⩥ residency and performance, AADK
Blanca [SP] /07.03-06.04

⩥ residency, Paris Herouni telescope
Orgov [ARM] /29.01-28.02