for piano, kalimba, percussions and electronic


Espaces deals mainly with space and timber.  A self-made software processes the acoustic sound of the instrumentalists and feed it back into the composition in real time. To encourage interaction and listening rather instructions and predetermined actions, it is composed as a graphic score. Events are suspended in on the line of time, and in the space of the paper.

Collaboration with Ensemble BATIDA at Archipel Festival

Presented at De Agostini Concert Hall, Geneva, 29.03.17




⩥ residency and performance, ROTA festival
Murcia [SP] /06.12-13.12

⩥ exhibition, Mapping festival
Geneva [CH] /3-13.11

⩥ nomination ARD german radiophonic creation prize
ZKM Karlsruhe [DE] /12.11

⩥ performance @Arkaoda
Berlin [DE] /22.10

⩥ creative radio performance, Cashmere radio
Berlin [DE] / 22.07

⩥ performance, Belluard Bollwerk
Fribourg [CH] /28.06

⩥ residency, Atlas
Brussel [BEL] /26.05-6.06

⩥ residency and performance, AADK
Blanca [SP] /07.03-06.04

⩥ residency, Paris Herouni telescope
Orgov [ARM] /29.01-28.02